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A short horror film made for the Ladue View Halloween Special. I had a blast working with everyone while filming and editing it myself.

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Ladue View: Halloween Special - 2022

From haunted houses, to pumpkin patches, to Halloween facts, jokes, and a creepy short film, this Halloween Special of Ladue View is full of frights and fun.

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Soccer Slideshow

Here is a soccer slideshow of Ladue vs John Burroughs.

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60 Second Cinematogprapher Reel

This is a short reel of some of my favorite recent shots. These shots are the epitome of my cinematography style, and I feel like by watching these shots I am able to express my emotions on a deeply…

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Bryan News Package

This is my News Package project for the Ladue Broadcast Technology 1 class. In this video I interviewed Selvidge Middle School student, Brandon Lopez, about his experience in Middle School. This is…

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Spark Inspiration

Sanjit Subhash sparks inspiration as he says goodbye to a school that has meant so much to all of us.

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Ladue View: The Senior Send Off

The senior class of 2022 says farewell in this inspiring, funny, and emotional show. This month's episode: Shares stories of identity and what it means to connect to your culture. Covers all…

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Ladue View: No Day Like Today

In the January 2022 Ladue View show, we introduced a new variety show format to our program. In this edition, we will showcase a few of these ideas for Ladue View: No Day Like Today. The 4 segments…

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Ladue View Take 2 - January 2022

The media world is quickly changing, and so is Ladue View. The Broadcast Technology staff decided to switch up the usual format of the show by combining videos, of all different styles, into one new…

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Davison birtchfield #54 senior profile

A senior Profile of Ladue Rams Football player Davison birtchfield

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Interview Olivia

This was my final exam assignment where I was instructed to interview someone about something that would be interesting to a Ladue student. I used my iPhone 11 Pro max to record all of my shots shown.

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I Recreated One Of My Favorite Scenes, and Here's How...

I use the skills I've used in the past 3 years of broadcast to recreate in my opinion, some of my finest work. Enjoy

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Feature Laura Hawk

This is a Feature story about Laura Hawk and her experiences at Castle Wood State Park.

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Ladue vs lindbergh

Ladue plays Lindbergh in Football

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Abby 5-shot sequence

My classmate got to star in my 5 shot sequence. We got 6 shots of which I used 5 of them edited in Final Cut. Hands, face, wide, over the shoulder, and creative were strung into final cut and then…

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Don 5-Shot Sequence

5W's and H - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Who is this story about? What is the story about? When?

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