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Door-to-Door Short Film

This is a short comedy drama film about door to door salesman Jeremy who has recently been in dire need of some money to support him and his brother Allen. Jeremy find himself in a situation where he…

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Noctambulation Short Film

This is a short film produced by Ladue View, about a Highschool student who has found herself waking up in random places in the middle of the night, she soon finds that her mysterious sleepwalking…

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AAPI Heritage Month is this May! A way to show your support is to visit This PSA brings awareness about Asain Cultures and how impactful they can be.

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Payton Shostak News Package Interview

This is a New Package Interview of Payton Shostak, the President of BBYO. B-roll taken at a BBYO meeting.

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Christmas Interview with a 6th Grader

Today I sat down with Ameer Osman, who happens to be my brother and ask him some questions leading into the holiday season.

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Payton Shostak- BBYO Interview

This is a short minute long interview of BBYO President Payton Shostak. There is B-roll shots of her and the entire group working on a few different activities and talking to each other. I thought…

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Black Girl: Deep Melanin, Incredibly Beautiful.

Kennedy Alexander and Kayliah Motes star in a story called: Black Girls: Deep Melanin, Incredibly Beautiful. The two gorgeous ladies are shown having a good time together in their rich, dark skin…

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6 word story - Dylan Patterson

This is a 6 word/ 6 shot story. The entire movie was filmed, acted, and scripted by me (Dylan). The focus of the assignment was to learn and master different types of shots and angles used in…

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iAm Movie Trailer

This story is about me and who I am and what I use to do in the past. This was taken about a month ago and in my opinion a fun project. I used my phone to get the clips needed and then imported them…

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Dylan - iAm iMovie Trailer

My iAm iMovie is a short minute long trailer about who I really am. I used photos from throughout my life that show who I am and how I have changed over the years.

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Morgan 5-Shot Sequence

I shot my brother, Jeremy Gipson for my 5-shot sequence project. I recorded these 5 shots in the beginning of October. I filmed this project at home while I was quarantined, which worked out because…

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Curling Up with Some Cocoa

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Karth and Gat

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Exercise your rights Voting PSA

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Never Forget

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Annie Fox on 21st Century Parenting

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