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What Is ‘Transfer of Learning’ and How Does It Help Students?

Watch this short video to learn about the idea of Transfer of Leaning and the impact it can have on students. Schools tend to measure student learning with grades and report cards, but how can…

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Zach Interviews His Uncle - PTV 2

Zach conducts a very in-depth and personal interview with his Uncle.

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2020 Hays High School Homecoming Royalty Video

2020 Hays High School Homecoming Royalty Video

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04 How to use selection tools

04 How to use selection tools

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Riggs Lesson 15

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Kaltura Capture recording - May 14th 2020, 9:40:15 am

Duplicating and TURNING IN YOU WORK!

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Riggs Lesson 11

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Cutting Out Background with Magic select Tool

In this video, I break down how to cut out the background of an image using the magic select tool.

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Pre Algebra Disjoint/Overlapping Review

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grammar 5.23

5th Grammar 5.23

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Photoshop Tips & Tricks

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Magic Lasso

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PHOTOSHOP CS6- Magnetic Lasso Tool

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Cornell Notes: Learning how to Learn

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