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Matter Changing States - BrainPOP

Matter Changing States - BrainPOP

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4th Grade Math Lines of Symmetry

Learn to identify vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines of symmetry in two-dimensional shapes. Ten different shapes are analyzed in the video. Find all my videos and even more math resources at…

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Symmetry Flocabulary

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Elementary Announcements 1.28.21

Morning News

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Lectura - miércoles 11/18 - La gallinita roja

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Lectura - lunes - 11/16/20- Los tres cerditos

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Lectura 9/28/2020- Textos Informativos

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Lectura en voz alta

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Lectura en voz alta

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Lectura en voz alta

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GTTable 21 july

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Morging message :Sonidos con dr

Aprenderemos a leer y escribir palabras con sonido dr.

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Graphic Organizer for Opinion Writing: I Wanna Iguana

*Pleas note that definitely is spelled incorrectly. I didn't realize this error until after posting on my learning platform. My humble apologies! Graphic organizer to use with I Wanna Iguana…

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Sensory Tray activity

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4.27 Figuras de 3 Dimensiones

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Tuesday (Apr28) Bible Story

Gladys Aylward Story

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