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Soccer creative video

This video was edited using the creative shots that were recorded in the Tv Studio. I cut out everything person's creative clip and attached it the video to edit it.

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photo animation of JT Krell

This is a photo animation that I made of JT Krell.

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This is a interview about a guy in the weightlifting club at Ladue.

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60 Seconds Video

This is Mahith. This is my 60 seconds video about me. Take a look.....

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Auburn Mountainview High School Graduation 2021

Auburn Mountainview High School 2021 Graduation - June 19, 2021

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All You See Is Red


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iAm iMovie Trailer

Mr. Goble Challenged me to create an I-Movie trailer about myself. Obviously I completed this project "flawlessly."

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Doughnut Eating In 5 Shots.

Mr. Goble asked us to create a 5 Shot Sequence. Usually used before an interview, we made a subject of ours do some sort of task and we had to film them in a specific sequence and compile them in a…

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I Feel Like I'm Being Watched

We were asked by Mr. Goble to create a story in 6 Words, using 6 unique shots. This was my attempt at this video project.

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2020 WHS Senior Awards

2020 Warrensburg High School Senior Awards Video

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I AM Adam

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Ladue View - April 2016

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Camp Jump Start

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Let's Tour 314 - Science Center and St. Louis Zoo

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Interview an Expert (No B roll)

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iAm Jonathan

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