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SJHS NEWS 5.18.21

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David Ruff Final Speech

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Math 9/25

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I Am Sonia Sotomayor

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Arroz Con Leche - Make your own Rhythm!

Lyrics of the song "Arroz Con Leche," to go along with "The Piñata that the Farm Maiden Hung."

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6th Grade Worship Friday, April 10

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Plant Video 2

Plant update #2

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Gavin's Engineering Challenge Project

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Orbax and Pepper react to the loudest burp

Orbax and Pepper react to the video of Paul Hunn performing his loud burps, giving some scientific analysis of the process of burping. Can be used in conjunction with the original Loudest…

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Creative Commons: Get Creative

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Ryan Blood

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Legal Careers Academy

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Becoming a Medical Malpractice Attorny

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Warrior Wakeup 3-25-11

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