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Ladue View: Halloween Special - 2022

From haunted houses, to pumpkin patches, to Halloween facts, jokes, and a creepy short film, this Halloween Special of Ladue View is full of frights and fun.

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Ladue View: The Senior Send Off

The senior class of 2022 says farewell in this inspiring, funny, and emotional show. This month's episode: Shares stories of identity and what it means to connect to your culture. Covers all…

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Clip of Boys Soccer Balkis Prothro

Boys Soccer Video

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Senior Goodbye

You never realize how much someone impacted you till they are gone

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Board of Education Appreciation 2022

Board of Education Appreciation 2022

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Holiday Video Message from Dr. Wipke

A Holiday Video Message from Ladue Schools superintendent, Dr. Wipke.

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Christmas Interview with a 6th Grader

Today I sat down with Ameer Osman, who happens to be my brother and ask him some questions leading into the holiday season.

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Dr. Wipke - A Thanksgiving Message - 2021

Dr. Wipke - A Thanksgiving message 2021.

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Healing Hunger

Watch this video to learn about the Hunger Outreach Program at my school, Ladue High School, and the connection they have with Operation Food Search, a hunger relief organization. Hope you enjoy!

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Best Buddies News Interview

News Package project done on the Best Buddies Club at Ladue Horton Watkins High School. All about the club and its members and why the members joined.

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What do you wish was talked about more?

Let's discuss the things no one ever talks about. Let's talk about the problems and situations we as a community we face but others believe we don't bring into the light.

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Personal Finance Open House 2021

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AP Microeconomics Open House 2021

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2021 Ladue Schools Opening Day Ceremony

2021 Ladue Schools Opening Day Ceremony

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Tarpey Interview an Expert

Here is me interviewing my Father, Mike Tarpey, the Varsity Ladue football coach. Watch to hear more about Ladue Football and my Dad's passion for coaching!

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Ladue View - May 2021

Stories include: Creating a Yearbook during the pandemic Find out about the Ladue student club SAGE Hear from Senior Ladue activist Lauryn Donovan Meet Coach Dillon and find out about our school…

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