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Leona Stern

Leona Stern Laduettes personal profile

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Six-Word Story

This is a video of my friend Lily preparing for the 2021 Ladue Dance Marathon.we

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Video Thank You Cards

This is a video thanking my math teacher, Ms. Turley, for being a great teacher and for all of her hard work in the classroom this year.

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Shooting Gallery Editing

This project was a video including 10 of the unique shots from the book, "The Shooting Gallery: Film Foundations for the Classroom."

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5-Shot Sequence

This project was a sequence of 5 different shots of Julia using some of the technology in the TV studio!

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i AM Leona

This project is all about what makes me, me. We were asked to tell our stories and show what we love, care for, want to be, etc.

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