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Thank you Mrs. Curran!

This school year was really tough for students and educators. Watch this video to see all the ways my teacher made my year better!

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Three Things I learned in Multimedia Sports Production

These are the top three things I learned this semester.

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Making Masks That Give Back

Tune in to learn about Jill Gaither and her awesome mask business that supports charities!

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60 Seconds

A video to get to know me! This will be a good primary source when people look back on the pandemic!

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Montage Mania... add a little bit of blue.

This is a montage sequence with a ton of different shots and angles, all centered around the color blue. I hope you enjoy it!!

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Nikki Harrison LHWHS School Nurse

Nikki Harrison LHWHS School Nurse

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Five Shot Sequence

my video for my five shot sequence

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5 Shot Sequence Quinn

My 5 shot sequence project. The assignment has you do 5 shots, a hands closeup, a face closeup, a wide shot, an over the shoulder, and an alternative.

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Spanish Thanksgiving

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DVD Final - Intro to iDVD

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The Life of a Pediatrician

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Max Hampton Prepares for Finals

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Dependent Variable

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Prop R- Constructing A New Future

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I am living in a movie

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Headline Newscast

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