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8/19 Beowulf - Monsters

RL.11-12.9 Analyze how two or more texts from the same period treat similar themes or topics and compare the approaches the authors take.

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The Fox in the Dark

by Alison Green and Deborah Allwright

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“Where The Wild Things Are”

Story and pictures by Maurice Sendak

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WK 8 Day 1 Heggerty Rhyming Production

Rhyming nonsense words with real words in the category of "Things on Your Head"

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If you don’t have a set of kids bowling pins. Then use plastic bottles or cups for your pins and if you don’t have a ball use a teddy bear.

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April 13, 2020

Today we will cover Week 28 Fix It Grammar for Notability, as well as help Domino get over his "reluctant reading" of Anne Frank.

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