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The Circle of Control- Social Emotional Learning for Kids

Check out this video for kids all about emotional regulation. This is a great social emotional lesson for children who are starting to learn how to problem solve on their own. In your circle of…

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Lizzo Carpool Karaoke - #LateLateLondon

James and Lizzo carpool through Los Angeles singing her classics "Good as Hell," "Juice" and "Truth Hurts" before they put together a massive version of the TikTok dance…

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The Goose Egg (2X2)

The Goose Egg by Liz Wong, read by Sarah Vaughn

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Friday Heggerty

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Lesson #5 - Grades 6-8

This is the video for Lesson #5 for Grades 6-8 and Stars. This video discusses the flutist and singer Lizzo and discusses her life, music career, and social impact.

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Tuesday reading ONE

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5.4.2020 Marcas de conteo

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Writing 4-27-20

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Circle Time April 24th with Ms. Susan

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Reading 4-20-2020

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Circle Time April 8th

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Hot on Your Trail: Privacy, Your Data, and Who Has Access to It

It doesn't take a top-secret government spy agency armed with the latest surveillance gear to gather information about you. Every day, companies are gathering and sharing information about…

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Liz Meyer CHS

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The Pit and the Pendulum

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Fancy New Technology - WSCN (2009-2010)

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