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Good Morning CHS S1E1

Back to School!!!

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Interview an Expert News Package

On my final project of the year, I was asked to put together a News Package. In this super cool assignment, I was tasked to come up with my subject, B roll shots, voiceover, and specific soundbites.…

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Wonder Struck Part 1

Narrated by Katherine Detrick

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Read Aloud ch 16-18 Despereaux 5-20-20

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Read Aloud ch 16-18 Tale of Despereaux 5-20-20

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5/18 music

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Opening Combination Locks

Directions for 6th grade students about opening a standard combination lock.

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Teacher Alison Explains Rhymes

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Tues. April 7th Part 2


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Monday, April 6 Part

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After School Session- Malik Davis: Side 1

Hear the first side of 15 year old impresario Malik Davis's debut album here.

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