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Ring in the holidays with KCAV.

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2020 Kent City HS Band - Halloween

Halloween band presentation by KCHS

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A Perfectly Messed Up Story- Readers Can...

Separate lesson video...

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TPR L1 Part 1 Practice 1

French 1 - Part 1 - 6 actions - we do, you do, you do sequences

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A perfectly messed up story

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Chewy Louie - Mrs. Staples

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05/21/20 mini Lección de matemáticas con Ms. Sorto

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Poetry Has a SOUND

In this video, Ms. Quigg demonstrates how poetry sounds different than a story, because it has a beat. You will need to help Ms. Quigg find the beat of the poem! Then you can review finding key…

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Bob Not Bob

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Alabama Power Louie the Lightning Bug

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louies new improved video

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school tube 2

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Fredbird and Louie Cheer with the Spirit Team

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Louie from the St. Louis Blues dances Gangnam Style with the Hollenbeck Cheer Team

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Donald Duck 1942 Donald Gets Drafted

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