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WORD PP 3-1 steps 1-7

WORD Pause & Practice 3-1, steps 1-7

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Handwriting Practice Example

Handwriting practice. How to write lowercase letters with proper stroke order.

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Comma Placement Lesson, Part 5

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Geometry Chapter 1.1

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Name Writing lesson May 26 2021

Kindergarten orientation

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Activity Time: Thursday, May 27 - Ice Cream Roll & Cover Games and Summer Activities

This is our last activity time together as hedgehogs! We're playing ice cream roll and cover games. You'll need dice and crayons/markers for this. Let's see what fun summer…

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Miss Rian's message

Monday message for Miss Rian's class

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cs strings

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Activity Time: Thursday, March 11 - Pete's Alphabet Matching & Pizza Counting

Today we're continuing to practice the #3 with our rainbow writing number sheet. Use at least 4-5 crayons or markers to write your "3." Let's count pizzas on our Pizza Counting…

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Literacy Lesson: Writing Your Last Name

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Activity Time: Tuesday, February 9 - Love Monster

Today we're looking at all the materials in our writing center folder. We can use these items all week long! You can make and write Valentine's, decorate hearts, trace hearts and trace…

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Candy Dichotomous Key Lab

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Evolution Foldable & Map Instructions

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Morning January 14th 2021, 8:30:38 am

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Morning January 14th 2021, 8:30:38 am

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Letter Ff

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