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Stellaluna by: Janell Cannon Read Aloud

Stellaluna is a wonderful story about a small bat who befriends three birds after she is separated from her mother. The birds take her under their wings and raise her to be a bird like them. It…

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Stellaluna read by Pamela Reed

For more info, check out: is written and illustrated by Janell Cannon and read by Pamela Reed. When Stellaluna is separated from…

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Día 3_station1_fechas

Escucha las fechas y márcalas en el calendario

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DBT conservation issues, solutions, ambassadors

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Nature's Tiny Treasures Part 2

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Lectura - Hansel y Gretel - 12/9/20

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A Little Bit Brave - Mrs. Anderson

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Story Time: Stellaluna

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10.19.2020 with Special Guest Luna

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UOS Phonics U2S4

Slides description for teachers

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Stellaluna .mp4

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Luna, Luna, Dame una Tuna

La Rima:Luna, luna, dame una tunaLa que me diste cayó en la laguna

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smallgroup 2 9:3

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small group 4. 8/27

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Small group 4 8:25

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Luna and Larry Soapalcious Presents Good Hygiene-The Good, The Bad and the Smelly

Something didn't smell so good in the back of the car. Luna sniffed around to find out what that smell was not a WHAT, but a WHO! Listen along to see where the smell was coming from,…

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