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Yo Mama Shooting

new song soon it will be ft Paul Basinger or ft Nova Basinger!

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3.16.22 Announcements

3.16.22 Announcements

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Ms. Baughman's Kinder Class - I've Got the Rhythm

Ms. Baughman's kinder class performs the readers theater play, I've Got the Rhythm.

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Morning Meeting: Tuesday, April 20

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My Year Ch. 37-40

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My Year Ch. 24-27

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Class of 2021- PreK Reindeer games

Class of 2021- PreK Reindeer games

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La llama llama rojo pijama

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final sound

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Froggy y el día de halloween

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Lire les nombres - L & R

Say and read the numbers

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Telephone Song with Fishy and Whaley!

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Leonard Bernstein presents 7-year-old Yo-Yo Ma's high-profile debut for President John F. Kennedy

The New York Times reported that on November 29, 1962, a benefit concert called "The American Pageant of the Arts" was to be held with "a cast of 100, including President and Mrs.…

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5th PreRecorded Spanish Class

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Phonics Lesson

Phonics Lesson

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Textos Informativos: Osos Pardos/ Observando Imágenes y el texto

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