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Peep and the Big Wide World: Peep in Rabbitland

After falling into a rabbit hole and meeting three fuzzy bunnies, Peep decides to try life underground. For interactive games for kids, activities for parents to do with their kids, and resources…

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ALEX 1.mp4

Chemistry Movie

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Literacy: I Can Write Using Pictures

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3.30.21 Announcements

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Abby Tunstall Speech 2

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SIUE SOE Dean Karacal Kickoff Video | IGE Day 2021

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Photographing the COVID Pandemic of 2020

Ladue student producer Ava Verstappen tells the story of St. Louis' own Lou Bopp, a professional photojournalist who decided to take his experience and creativity, to tell the human stories of…

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Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 4 Part 2 " The Paper Drive"

Today we will find out if Henry and Beezus are able to collect all of the papers they need for the school's paper drive. Will Ramona let them use her wagon?

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Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 4 part 1 "The Paper Route"

Today we will find out if Henry and Beezus are able to use Ramona's wagon to pick up papers for the paper drive in the first part of chapter 4, "The Paper Route."

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Math Level C Tuesday 5/5

Follow along and solve your math problems or check your work. Send me a pic/message/video of your work!

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Monday 5/4 Math Video TWO

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Friday 5/8: Read Aloud "I Used to be Famous"

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Magazine Roll-up Crafts.mp4

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6/8 triple meter

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First Chapter Friday 3/27

Here is the reading of The Rules of Punk by Cecila C Perez.

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