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Quincy High School Winter Concert December 15, 2022

This event was recorded on December 15, 2022

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Chamblee High School Marching Band

Watch this marching band from Chamblee High School. A school band is a group of student musicians who rehearse and perform instrumental music together. A high school concert band is usually under…

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Drumline at its Finest

Watch this young student's drum skills impress all the other students in his school. Follow @IMPAKVISUALZ on Instagram and follow the drummer boy on Instagram @zayhrd and @jonesborromarchingband

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He's on the football team and band 😂

This football player doesn't get to rest during half-time like the rest of the team. He spends that time performing in the half-time show with the band. (via dom.hesel/TikTok)

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Cedar Park Mirror Mirror 23 Sep 2022 Twas the night before BOA Austin

Check out this awesome marching band routine. Cedar Park High School Timberwolves getting their last run-through before BOA Austin. This is late tonight after the football game and a full day of…

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By senior year this kid will be a LEGEND! #shorts #drummer

Check out this awesome video of a high school drummer. (Via kaleborsumthin / itf.milf.07) #highschool #drumline #drums #impressive #tricks #skills

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Independence HS Pep Rally Snare Cam

Check out this amazing GoPro footage from the drum line of a pep rally at Independence High School!

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Jeff Davis High Marching Out

Watch these awesome marching band students from Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Alabama. Jefferson Davis High School Volunteers / Vols Marching Band 2019 Drummajor: Justin Heideman aka…

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Pep Rally Center Snare Cam

Check out this go-pro footage from the drum line during a pep rally. Thank you so much to Jesse Arnold for wearing "the Jarnold cam" and being an awesome section leader and friend!!

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Football Team Hypes Marching Band during Pep Rally

Watch as the football team hypes the band members at a pep rally.

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McKinley High Band & Pantherettes | Catholic Game Entrance 🔥

Watch this awesome marching band entrance from McKinley High, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Uncaged, Edmond Santa Fe Marching Band

Original Video:

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Chapel Hill High School Marching Band Halloween Football Performance 10/25/2019

Original Video:

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2020 Hart County High School Marching Band Halloween Show

2020 Hart County High School Marching Band Halloween Show Recorded Live on Oct. 22, 2020 Original Video:

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Western Wayne Wildcat Marching Band Halloween 2020

Happy Halloween from the Pride of Western Wayne! Original Video:

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Bad Guy - 2021 Middle School Band Day

Bad Guy - Middle School Band Day - Abbott Middle School and Kenyon Woods Middle School - 9-10-21 - Football vs. Glenbard South HS - 2021 SEHS Bands - South Elgin High School Marching Storm - Middle…

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