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11-18 Show

MRTV 11-18

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CRAZY SCHOOL HACKS! || Coolest Rainbow Hacks For School Life By 123 GO!

Check out these silly school hacks! High school life is the best. School can be hard! That’s why we’re here to help you cut a few corners using nothing but quick thinking and a little…

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Grade 1 Module 4 Lesson 23

Fonts are either Google, Hello, or KG.

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Ladue View Take 2 - January 2022

The media world is quickly changing, and so is Ladue View. The Broadcast Technology staff decided to switch up the usual format of the show by combining videos, of all different styles, into one new…

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Chapter 7 - The Flying Train Committee (part 2) with Mrs. Wellens

Reading for November 23, chapter 7 "The Flying Train Committee" part 2 (pages 78 - 82) with one of our paraeducators, Mrs. Wellens!

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Listen and Draw

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imagineers june 18

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iMovie editing football clips to timeline

Tutorial by Mr. Don Goble for Multimedia Sports Production class at Ladue High School, St. Louis, MO.

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iMovie Football Highlight video editing - adding and marking music

Tutorial by Mr. Don Goble for Multimedia Sports Production class at Ladue High School, St. Louis, MO.

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Activity Time: Thursday, May 13 - Caterpillar Counting & Living:Non-living Sorting

Today we're practicing the #10 on our rainbow writing sheet. We're counting caterpillars by adding dots per the number on each line. Use your dot marker for this. Let's sort living…

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Activity Time: Wednesday, May 12 - How Many Bugs in the Grass

We're still working on our #10's. We're also cutting grass, adding bugs to our grass and counting how many bugs are in the grass. You'll need scissors and a glue stick for this…

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Pre-Algebra Class 4/28/21

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Morning Meeting: Tuesday, April 27

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Activity Time: Wednesday, April 28 - Find Numbers in the Grocery Ad & Food Sorting

Let's practice our last letter of the year...Z! You can use play-dough or a dry-erase marker on your letter "Z" card and you can hunt for Z's on your letter hunt page. …

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Kaltura Capture recording - April 16th 2021, 9:48:43 am

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