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2nd Grade Math Even and Odd

Learn to identify a number up to 40 as even or odd based on its ability to be divided into equal pairs. Multiple examples are provided in the video. Find all my videos and even more math resources…

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Activity Time: Tuesday, May 18 - Flower Matching Game

It's activity time! We're playing a flower matching and memory game. So many different ways to play! Have fun!

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Muller Recycled Fashion Show 2021

Students and faculty show off their talents when they walk the red carpet in their recycled fashions.

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Same and Different

Practice with same and different.

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Handwriting - Monday September 28

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Check My Progress 1

Review of lessons 5,6,7

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Lesson Tub for 9/2

Tub lesson

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Thursday, Math Video pg. 333-334

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Wednesday Math Video pg. 331-332

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Tens and Ones Lesson 2

Use this video as a guide for Math Practice Pages 3-7 on the Assignments for Week of 5/4. Think about how higher numbers can be broken up into tens and ones. You may also want to practice with the…

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Kindergarten - Memory

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Plant Science Meeting 4.27.2020

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Concept Attainment Quiz

Read aloud for Stemscopes Concept Attainment Quiz

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1st Grade Peter and the Wolf Review

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