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iRam 11.10

This episode introduces the Student Dash, a delivery service for the forgetful student, followed by a warning of the dangers stemming from the overuse of spray cologne, tells the story of a student…

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Status Update 9.16

This Status Update episode looks back at the last month of December before the Christmas holidays; it features stories on testing tips, the Media Tech Club, the lunch area's Winter Wonderland,…

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2021 Ram Film Awards Ceremony

2021 Virtual Ram Film Awards Ceremony, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the young student filmmakers of the CTE Media and Digital Communications Program at Del Rio High School.

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Once in a While Show - Final Episode

This episode features a musical reading, Zoom Olympics, Words of Wisdom from the departing senior class, a look at some Zoom challenges and PSAs about mask safety, checking grades, and being…

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The Once in a While Show: Episode 1

Following social distancing guidelines and remote filming, the Del Rio High School media students created a show filled with relevant comedic skits and local news. The episode contains skits about…

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Status Update 8.9

This Status Update episode takes a look at the Media Tech Club Halloween Workshop, the Army Recruiters, as well as Choir, Parking Policies, the Annual Feast of Sharing, and SATs. CTE Media…

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Status Update 5.18

This show takes a look at the Army Recruiters and their tourist truck, highlights the annual Spring Fling, and Custodian Appreciation Day. It also offers information on the high school CTE Nursing…

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Status Update 4.26

This Status Update episode features look at the Mighty Ram Band, the CTE Finance & Accounting program, the upcoming Ram Film Awards, and shows its appreciation for the teachers at Del Rio High…

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iRam 7.20

This iRam episode features a melodramatic Spanish telenovela opening and narrative entitled "Jardin del Amor", followed by skits about different types of students, bad photoshoots, and…

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iRam 6.28

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iRam 6.27

This show starts with a colorful AC/DC opening cast introduction, followed by skits about saying farewell to our graduating seniors, lost cell phones, mysterious class rings, a commercial for the…

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iRam 7.9

This episode starts with a magical introduction, followed by skits about Ketchup Addiction, How Insects Eat Their Food, catching Fruit Loops, surviving the wilds of campus, procrastination, and…

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Status Update 5.20

Status Update is a student-produced news show. This episode features highlights from the Battle of the Classes, the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding event, and the Frontera Film Festival, as well as…

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