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Geometric Optics: Crash Course Physics #38

This playlist consists of 47 videos all about Physics. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts learned…

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Deshaun Watson - WSCN Commercial (Sem 2, 2022)

The savior of Cleveland. Again. Another savior. This is like the 10th one in a row. Yep. This guy will get it done. Yeah.

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Brainpop Waves

Testing - students let me know if this video works.

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6th Science Video 2 Stations 2 to 6 Transfer of Energy Lab

Demonstrates stations 2 through 6.

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Elementary Announcements 12.1.21

Morning News

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How to Embed a SchoolTube Video

Learn how to embed a SchoolTube video into a website or web page.

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High School Musical Jr 1PM Show

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The Work Day for Aris - PTV 1

Aris shows her typical EARLY work day!

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Mechanical Waves

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Ugly Monday Feb. 22

read aloud

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5-Shot Sequence lecture: Broadcast Technology I class, February 7, 2021

Mr. Goble goes through the latest lessons, cinematography, and discusses the basic three camera shot distances, Wide, Medium, and Tight, also referred to as a Close Up shot sometimes. We also discuss…

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I'm a Valentine for You

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How to make your SchoolTube Channel public

Mr. Goble shows you how to make sure your SchoolTube Channel is listed as public.

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Chapel 12/1/20

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Elementary Announcements

Morning News

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Thursday Activity Time - Fall Leaf Graph and Leaf Matching

So many fun fall leaf activities today! You'll need your Leaf Matching coloring sheet and some crayons or markers. Have fun matching the leaves on the page and coloring the matching ones the…

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