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trees for survival

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4.7.2022 Announcements

PMTV 4/7/22

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April 12th -April 16th News Segment

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interview April 12th news segment

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Melissa Stewarat is an author of children's science books. In this title, Melissa introduces you to severeal unknown animals she calls underdogs. They are not as well known as tigers, dogs and…

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Another Night At The Museum

Clayton Read-a-loud

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Short E spelling words

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Recorded live session 8/28/2020

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Recoding of Live Session 08/20/2020

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how to alert interpreter virtual learning - with captions

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Elementary Chapel 5-29-20

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Rules- Chapter 13 - Mrs. Brannon

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Rules- Chapter 1 - Mrs. Brannon

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Media Makers show #19 - Bea Dageforde

Ladue alum Bea Dageforde is a video producer in Chicago, IL. Bea has gotten her foot in the door of the media industry as a Production Assistant in music videos, television, and films. In this…

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(2005) KWN Covering The Computerworld Honors In Washington DC (June 5th - 7th).mp4

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Media Gets the Gold

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