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Mental Health Week 2021

Mehlville High School's Leadership class has teamed up with Mehlville Media to bring you an important message about Mental Health Week.

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This is me... When I lost myself

For the past two years, I have struggled with an eating disorder. This video explains the challenges I faced, and the Isolation I felt.

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Gaming Trends and Mental Health Benefits

Have you noticed the people you care about spending more time on gaming apps or video games? We have as well. Studies show that gaming isn't as harmful as our 1990s selves thought, but of course…

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Ladue High School/Gateway STEM PSA 2021

Students from Ladue Horton Watkins High School and Gateway STEM High School, partner each year with our local NBC affiliate, 5 On Your Side, to produce a community video project. The 2021 Ladue…

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Go to, 24 Adar. March 8th @ 8:30 pm. A licensed psychologist who has a clinic in Minneapolis and a private practice in Brooklyn. His areas of practice include personality…

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Mental Health (Part 2)

This video is on Mental Health Improvement tips (Part 2)

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Mental Health (Part 1)

This video is on Mental Health Improvement tips (Part 1)

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Largest UV blacklight painting

The largest UV blacklight painting is more than 450 square metres, and depicts an image to raise awareness of mental health issues. Prompts discussion on how UV blacklight paint works, and…

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Raising Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

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Mental Health PSA

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OK2Talk - 10-Second Video

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OK2Talk - 15-Second Video

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It's Not The Label

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