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SJHS News 11.22.22


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Beowulf | Lines 2892–3182 (Beowulf's Funeral) Summary & Analysis

This playlist contains 18 video study guides that break down the text of Beowulf. These videos will go a long way in helping students create their own analyses with textual citations. After…

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare | Act 2, Scene 5 Summary & Analysis

This video study guide consists of 32 videos that provide summaries and analyses of each act and scene, symbols, characters, and more of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. These videos…

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare | Act 5, Scene 5 Summary & Analysis

This video study guide provides 36 videos that break down each act and scene for thorough summary and analysis and also contains additional videos about the context, symbols, characters, themes, and…

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3/15 Class Session

Angels in the Bible

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Book of Boy part 5.2..mp4

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Jonah A VeggieTales Movie - Part 2

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12/8 Class Directions

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Bacterial Transformation Part I

In this first part of a two-part presentation, Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School presents a lecture on bacterial transformation.

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12th Grade English (Monday, 11/2

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macbeth coville

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Rylee Niblett Speech 1

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94-95 Queen of Hearts Highlights

WCAP, Broughton

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Macbeth Lesson 5

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Let's Explore Mercury - Mrs. Brannon

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SWUN Grade 3 Unit 12 Lesson 4

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