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the day they went

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Liberty Point Elementary

Liberty Point Elementary School Promo Music: I Want You Back Artist: The Jackson 5 Music: Golden Musician: Jeff Kaale

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A short horror film made for the Ladue View Halloween Special. I had a blast working with everyone while filming and editing it myself.

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Noctambulation Short Film

This is a short film produced by Ladue View, about a Highschool student who has found herself waking up in random places in the middle of the night, she soon finds that her mysterious sleepwalking…

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ZHC Customized A School!

Check out this group of artists take over a high school and totally transform it. This was the craziest thing we've ever done Subscribe and we might surprise your school next! (No joke I…

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I Joined The #1 Cheer Team In America

Watch Michelle Khare try to cheer for the first time, and with the University of Kentucky. 💪🏽 Try my flexibility program that I used in this video ► 👾 Join our Discord Community…

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Was Abby Too Young to Sail?

Harry Smith talks to Abby Sunderland's family about the young adventurer's trials on the sea.

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RNN 06-13-22

Rogers Fourth Graders Report the News

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FINAL Retiree Video_2022


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WHMS Morning News Monday March 7, 2022


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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - March 4, 2022

March Character Word - Self control Spotlight on BES: - First Grade Authors Festival recap - Students whose art work is on display at the Gullah Museum in Beaufort Seagulls Weather with Max Today in…

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Parody of the Hallmark Channel Movie.

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My Uncle Alan's Camera

In even the most mundane items can be found a treasure trove of family and history.

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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10.21.21 announcements

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