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Harbor Lights News

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Fourth Grade, Life Science, Lesson 3

Insects and isopods -- Exoskeletons

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Second Grade, Life Science, Lesson 2

Mealworms and milkweed bugs

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BES Learning Garden (Fall 2020)

A 9 minute video showing and describing the BES Learning Garden on September 27, 2020.

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Scholastic News Part 2

The Butterflies are back!

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Scholastic News Part 1

The Butterflies are Back (Scholastic News)

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BES Learning Garden (Summer 2020)

Update on the BES Learning Garden for July 2020!

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Life Cycle of a Butterfly - Mrs. Brannon

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Book for nearpod Tuesday

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Monarch caterpillars!

Check out the little monarch caterpillars eating the milkweed leaves and Mrs. Harting‘s garden!

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Baby Caterpillars

Milkweed and baby caterpillars.

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Eileen & Jerry Spinelli ClassroomCast

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