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Tactical breathing, also known as box breathing or mindful breathing, is a great way to control adrenaline, stress, and anxiety. This technique is famously used by Navy Seals to stay calm and cope…

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SchoolTube's 5 Mindfulness Tips

SchoolTube's 5 Mindfulness Tips: 1. Check in with yourself by keeping a journal reflecting on your goals and strengths. 2. Refresh your body and mind by getting outside and taking in the fresh…

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Avoid Teacher Burnout

So how can you avoid burnout as a teacher, an advocate, or as a parent? In this webinar we'll cover compassion fatigue, burnout, and dealing with tech stress, then we'll give you exercises…

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Morning Announcement, Mr. Parker September 11, 2020

Mr. Parker Morning Announcement, September 11, 2020

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Hello Thoughts: Listen

Notice your thought Hubbubbles, then learn to let them float away.

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T. Sheena: Yoga

T. Sheena introduces yoga, which helps us get in touch with our own bodies, our breath, and with the natural world.

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