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Class Notes: Major and Minor – What's the Difference?

In the Class Notes video "Major and Minor: What's the Difference?" Jack the Lumberjack and Oliver, his tiny feathered friend, help us understand these ideas and how they can create a…

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Major Vs. Minor Chords. What's the difference?

In the simplest of terms, the emotional center of music comes from one of two places: the major chord or the minor chord. Bold statement huh? Hear me out, because this just might change your…

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Cello Scales: NMEA2020 (and 2018 & 2019) audition repertoire tutorial

Greg Clinton, Cello Artist Faculty at the University of Nebraska (Omaha) & Associate Principal Cello of the Omaha Symphony, presents a tutorial on the cello audition repertoire (Scales) for the…

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Toccatina for Cello

7th Grade Orchestra - Toccatina for Cello - First 80 Measures.

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You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift | EASY UKULELE TUTORIAL

This easy tutorial will teach you how to play you belong with me by taylor swift on ukulele. This includes chords and strumming patterns. Progressions Verses: G, D, Am, C Pre-chorus: Am, C, G,…

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