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2022-2023 Episode 5

CHSN Week of 10/27/2022

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Black History Month Question and Answer

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It's a Great Day at Clay 11-5-21

Wow, we made one in two weeks. We must be good. Maybe the show isn't, but at least we are.

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Art with Mati and Dada - George Seurat

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Elapsed time.mp4

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Elapsed time.mp4

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Lesson #5 - voices for puppets

Find a good place to work. Then think about what two voices you want to use for your puppets. Use a HIGH voice for one characters and a LOW voice for the other character. Have fun!

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Day 9 Writing

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Pets Writing-8/26

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Characters Writing Day One-8/24

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All About Me

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Friday Morning Meeting, May 15, 2020

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Teddy and Keegan’s First day of School!

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Hosey's Hard Workers!

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The Pout - Pout Fish Goes to School

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