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Student Festival Upload

Learn how to upload your video for submission to the SchoolTube Student Film Festival

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SETDA Tank - Virtual Classroom Overview

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Working Collaboratively in SchoolTube: How do I School Tube? Ep. 6

How to add users to a channel so that a team of teachers keeps the videos for one group of students (or any group of users) organized in one place

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The Pushcart War

Chapters 5-7

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SchoolTube Video Submission Walkthrough

Here is a step by step way to upload videos to SchoolTube

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BigBlueButton overview for moderator/presenters (with breakout rooms) in BigBlueButton

This video gives an overview of moderator and presenter capabilities in the BigBlueButton client, including the ability to do polling, share YouTube videos, and put students into breakout rooms.

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Creating a Private Channel & Adding Members

Learn how to create a private channel on SchoolTube and how to add members to a private channel.

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Schooltube Educator Account

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