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playing Minecraft!

sorry I'm busy filming a movie I promise next video will not be a twitch stream have a good day goodbye -- Watch live at

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1 Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Mean, Median, Mode, Range

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How to Use Snipping Tool (Beginners Guide)

How to use the built-in screenshot tool for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. People keep asking me how to capture a smaller portion of their screen to copy text, an image or anything else they need saved. You…

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The Seasons Song | Science Songs | Scratch Garden

The Seasons Song is very helpful for learning the four seasons! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► ◄◄ This is a great introductory science song for kids or…

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How to Learn: Pretty Much Anything

0:21 Chapter 1 - Procrastination 2:17 Chapter 2 - How to remember what you have learned 4:27 Chapter 3 - Even with everyone's help, you need to do everything on your own. 6:06 Chapter 4 - It…

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K- You Can Be A Reindeer Too

Hi friends! Here is the movement for "You Can Be a Reindeer Too!" xoxo Miss Rae

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63 Retro Color

63 Retro Color

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Pre-Algebra Class 4/27/21

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Pre-Algebra Class 3/31/21

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Quizlet Match/Gravity

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Elijah introducing Colors of Christmas

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Chinese Moon Festival - Diversity Family Stories

UNity Fair Family Story sponsored by our school's Diversity committee. This week's video on the Chinese Moon Festival was created by the Hatanaka family.

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Read Aloud: Only One You

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Chapter 12 Review Part 1

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Section 12.6 Part 4

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Math Lesson 84

Hi, fabulous grade 4 friends! This is a video of Lesson 84. Have fun and Happy Learning!

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