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What to Review from Chemistry 1 for Chemistry 2: Part 1

Are you taking Chem 2 this semester? If so, this video will help you navigate what you will need to know and review from Chem 1. Chemistry Foundations: Significant Figure Rules:…

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RHS CHEM Asynchronous Notes: Intro to Solutions

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Daily Writing and Reading Ready Feb. 11


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Storybots Letter Q

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The Teapot Song doc - Google Docs

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Peanut Butter and Jellyfish

Read along with Ms. Dearlove and Cupsy the Chihuahua. Book summary: Peanut Butter​ and Jellyfish are best friends and love to swim around their ocean home. Unfortunately, their neighbour Crabby…

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Acid and Base Titration

Warning: Law & Order Themed Mr. Brown discusses and performs an Acid/Base Titration in the laboratory.

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Molarity (MCHS Chemistry Lesson)

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Equations Explanation (MCHS Chemistry Lesson)

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Dilutions Example (MCHS Chemistry Lesson)

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Dilutions (MCHS Chemistry Lesson)

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I Just Wanna Shine

I Just Wanna Shine by Fitz and the Tantrums I just wanna shine like the sun when it comes up Run the city from the rooftops 'Cause today's gonna be my day I just wanna climb to the top of a…

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Molarity Notes

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Stoichiometry Problems #3: Molarity

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Stephens Pre-AP Chemistry: Molarity and Combustion Analysis intro

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Solutions Vodcast 2

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