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Life and Times Jesuit Football

First play off game this season up against Jesuit High School, Rocklin won 34-13!

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Alaina Rodgers Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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Technology I - Vocabulary for Kids - Laptop, monitor, mouse, speakers, webcam, microphone...

Educational video for children to learn technology vocabulary. Thanks to this video, they will discover technology words like computer, laptop, monitor, mouse, speakers, webcam, keyboard, microphone,…

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MV ANN 8-5-22

MV ANN 8-5-22

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May 31st- June 4th News Segment

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HES Preschool 20-21

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SJHS News 4.13.21

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BCPS Port Replicator Overview 2018

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External Display-2nd Monitor

An example of using a 2nd display

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Logging on remotely to star 360

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Wk 6 - Thursday METI Specials - Mrs. Fannin's Bitmoji Media Center

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A Changing World

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Logging on to Star Ren.

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Computer Literacy Word Lesson 1

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PreK - Memory

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Tutorial: Splitting screen in two with Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating systems

A quick tutorial on how to split the screen of a single monitor when using the Windows 7 operating system. Learn more about tech tips at

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