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5 Shot Sequence

This video is about a Serial killer being locked up. This was filmed near the band room. We filmed this for our 5 shot sequence assignment using the camera angles listed.

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Final Interview

This is my final interview and project for Broadcast tech. I filmed with my iPhone and edited my video in final cut pro. I'm pretty proud of this one! I like the flow and it was extremely fun to…

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IamMovie Trailer 2

I created this Iammovie trailer for Broadcast Tech I, and I enjoyed making it. I had made one before and it was fun so I got to be a little more creative with it. I like making videos about myself so…

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Multi-Media Sports Recap

Video made for Multi-Media sports. This is our last project of the year. Sadly I have to say goodbye to this class.

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Girls Lacrosse Highlight Video

Video I created for multi-media sports production. It was a really fun video to make. I had a good amount of angles and clips to make a solid highlight video.

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5-Shot Sequence Mr. Goble example

Mr. Goble provides a finished example of the exact 5-Shot Sequence project students have been assigned.

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Football Highlight Video

In this video, I showcased Ladue's highlights throughout a football game against Westminister. The video is edited in imovie and was made for a school project.

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iamKeegan Movie Trailer

A thrilling movie trailer about me, myself, and I and what's like to be me. For class I was required to make a video about myself and this is what I came up with.

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Doughnut Eating In 5 Shots.

Mr. Goble asked us to create a 5 Shot Sequence. Usually used before an interview, we made a subject of ours do some sort of task and we had to film them in a specific sequence and compile them in a…

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5 Shot Sequence Quinn

My 5 shot sequence project. The assignment has you do 5 shots, a hands closeup, a face closeup, a wide shot, an over the shoulder, and an alternative.

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I Am Quinn

THis is my awful I am video for school. consider yourself warned.

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