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Elementary Announcements 3.23.22

Morning News

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Penguins Love Colors

Penguins Love Colors

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Muzology Explainer Video

Learn how Muzology teaches subjects by converting lessons and instructions to catchy tunes that students remember!

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Kevin Jenkes

ASL translation by Genevieve and Mat, from Salmon Bay middle school

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Happy Dreamer - Mrs. Anderson

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La Canción de Mariposa // The Butterfly Song

Huevo, oruga, crisálida, y mariposa // Egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly

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Bananas Bananas Meatballs

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I can nap

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blending board

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Story Time - The Little Red Hen

Story Time with Mrs. Teresa and The Little Red Hen

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Thursday Activity Time - Calming Bottles

Continue practicing your names, writing the letter "Q" and making paw prints in your fine motor journal. Today's fun activity is making our own calming bottles! Find your baggy…

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Common Multiples and Common Denominators

Common Multiples and Common Denominators

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Mrs. Zimmer reviews emotions.

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Tuesday Reading Workshop 9/22

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