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What is a Totem Pole? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

What exactly is a totem pole?? Images used under license from Welcome to Colossal Questions, the show that answers all of life's most pressing questions!

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Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest - #socialstudies Educational Video for Elementary Students

In this video from the @bowtieguyandwife of #teacherspayteachers - the #nativeamerican #indian shelters of North America are explored in this #socialstudies #educationalvideo - How did Native…

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Carson Sims Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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Battle Of The Little Bighorn | Custer's Last Stand | Sitting Bull And Crazy Horse Documentary

The Battle of the Little Bighorn, known to the Native Americans Lakota Sioux as the Battle of the Greasy Grass and also known as Custer's Last Stand was a battle fought in 1876 between combined…

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Comanche War Raids | Short Native American Documentary

Check out this short video about the Comanche war raids, part of a documentary about Native Americans. The Comanche tribe were nomadic people of the Great Plains. They hunted buffalo and lived in…

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This Is The Most Powerful Native American Tribe In History

Watch this documentary about the most powerful tribe in Native American history. Before America was the United States of America it was populated by various Native American tribes. Some tribes…

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America's Great Indian Nations - Full Length Documentary

Watch this documentary about America's Great Indian Nations. This is the first comprehensive history of six great Indian nations, dramatically filmed on location at their native tribal lands…

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Place of the Pike: Ginoozhekaaning

GLIFWC has released another video in a series of short films known as the “Ogichidaa Storytellers” project. “Place of the Pike: Ginoozhekaaning,” features the Bay Mills Ojibwe…

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Pemmican: The Original Survival Food | Ancient Recipes With Sohla

To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, Sohla recreates pemmican, a super food made of meat, fat and berries that dates back over 5,000 years. Plus Sohla speaks with indigenous chef Shawn…

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SchoolTube's 5 Facts About the Navajo Tribe

SchoolTube's 5 Facts About the Navajo Tribe: 1. The Navajo Nation is the largest American Indian reservation in the U.S., and it is located in Arizona. 2. The Navajo name comes from the…

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Teaching Appreciation and Understanding for Native American Music and Culture

As a composer, singer, instrumentalist, and leader, Lyz Jaakola is an extraordinary ambassador for Ojibwe-Anishinaabe music and culture. In this video, Jaakola takes us through various kinds of…

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Social Studies Week of 4-20 Day 3

Introduction to pioneer settlers and their reasons for moving to the West. Also, Native Americans removal from lands they inhabited for generations.

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Supporting Newcomers

Mrs. Moyers, a kindergarten teacher, supports and empowers her newcomer ESL student by using her native language throughout the day.

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No Shoes for You by Jim Whiting-- The Running Encyclopedia

Listen to the story of Billy Mills, a running champion like no other. You can also read the text here and also see a video of the final lap of Mills' record-setting race.

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Virginia’s First People, Segment 5 — Bone Tools

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