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Andrew Griffin Speech 3 2022

Hallsville High School

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Key Figures in the American Revolution

This video a look at some of the most influential figures in their American Revolution. Individuals such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin are discussed in terms of their role in the…

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Footage of the Moment the Japanese Surrendered

The 1945 Japanese surrender ceremony of WWII signaled a monumental end to a brutal conflict. And war correspondent William Courtenay was there to film it all. SchoolTube History videos feature a…

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Navy Seals' Insane Parachute Jump Into Football Stadium

Check out how these navy seals make an entrance at Neyland Stadium. This video was included in this playlist as it relates to Airplanes and Space. As defined by Encylopedia Brittanica, an airplane,…

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DEVOTION - Official Trailer (HD)

Although one of my favorite forms of entertainment, movies do more than just entertain. Movies inform and educate us. Movies inspire and motivate us. Movies can even cause us to reflect on our own…

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"How U Gonna Act Like That" by Tyrese Gibson - WSCN Music Video (Sem 2, 2022)

The R&B jam gets a music video by Drece, Cami, Dasani, and Emily

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Carla's Sandwich read by Allison Janney

For more info, check out: Carla's Sandwich is written by Debbie Herman, illustrated by Sheila Bailey and read by Allison Janney. …

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Battle of Yorktown (American Revolution)

Merch - Free interactive crossword puzzles - The Battle of Yorktown is a monumental grand finale in the American…

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Class Notes Ch. 15.2

Early Years of the War

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The Twentieth Century and America’s Evolving Relationship with the World, USH14

The Twentieth Century and America’s Evolving Relationship with the World, USH14

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Class Notes Ch. 8.3

A Time of Conflict

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Monroe Doctrine APUSH Review

Learn about the Monroe Doctrine! Why do we tell Europe "NO!" Perfect for U.S. History courses, APUSH redesign (Key Concept 4.3) and life long learners.

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As with gladness men of old (Version 1)

From iSing Worship

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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - November 12, 2021

Weekly news show at Beaufort Elementary School - Students from Mrs. Barnes' first grade interviews

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HG Garrison Veterans Day Virtual Assembly

The Hills Garrison Community created this video to celebrate our Veterans who have so selflessly served and protected our American way. Our hopes is to have this assembly in person in the Fall of…

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