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The Nest News - Episode 4.5

Today The Nest News along with some BHS staff and students reflect on what they are thankful for.

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Nest News Episode 4 - The Play

The Nest News goes behind the scenes with the fall play.

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The Nest News Halloween Episode

Today The Nest News presents its SPOOKY Halloween themed episode where the crew talks to staff and students about their favorite and least favorite aspects of Halloween.

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NestNews Episode 2 - Fall

On this week's episode, The Nest News covers all things fall!

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Stellaluna by: Janell Cannon Read Aloud

Stellaluna is a wonderful story about a small bat who befriends three birds after she is separated from her mother. The birds take her under their wings and raise her to be a bird like them. It…

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Nest News Episode 1 - Homecoming

Today's episode of The Nest News recaps the festivities of Homecoming week through the various spirit days, the activities of several clubs, and more!

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10 Cutest Baby Animals That Will Make You Go Aww

10 Cutest Baby Animals That Will Make You Go Aww Subscribe To Our Channel 4 Ever Green is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people, beautiful animals and cute things…

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How does the Internet work?

This is a BBC Bitesize video. It has been posted for educational purposes. The video explains how the Internet works. Link to the BBC Bitesize source:…

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Stellaluna read by Pamela Reed

For more info, check out: is written and illustrated by Janell Cannon and read by Pamela Reed. When Stellaluna is separated from…

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The Nest News (FINALE) - May 11, 2022

Bye, Brentwood!

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The Nest News - May 3, 2022

The second to last broadcast :(

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2022 Prom Red Carpet

Way to show out, BHS!!

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The Nest News (PROM WEEK SPECIAL) - April 21, 2022

Be safe and responsible at prom, BHS!

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The Nest News - April 12, 2022

A PSA from Elliot.

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The Nest News - March 8, 2022

T-minus one week until Spring break!

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The Nest News - March 1, 2022

Happy March 1st!

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