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Cooper City High School (CTV)

2019-2020 STN Broadcast Excellence National Award Winner Cooper City High School (CTV) Weekly News Show

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Cutting Foods to Safe Size and Shape

Cutting foods to safe size and shape

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RMSTV Live 4.29.22

RMSTV Live 4.29.22

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Weekly for April 1

This is the weekly announcements for April 1. It features some of the upcoming sports schedule and Spring Fling information.

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HKTV 70 - 4th Episode (2022)

HKTV 70 - 4th Episode (2022)

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McKenna's Scrapbook Biography Book Report

(**No Sound) Students chose a famous person who intrigued them then created a two sided “scrapbook” poster to introduce their subject to the class.

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NDTV: May 27, 2021 (Senior Show)

Notre Dame High School - Morning News Show (Senior Show)

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Birchbark House Ch 12

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apcs two dice

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2.1.21 Announcements

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Pennies and Nickels

Pennies and Nickels

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September 16, 2020 Morning Announcements

Why have one co-host when you can have two? Today Mr. Martinez is joined by two students, Ethan & Ethan, from third grade who were randomly selected to discuss their morning routines, healthy…

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NWR Graduation 2020

Commencement Exercises for Northwest Rankin High School.

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