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For all Classes: Notability Tutorial

Here is how to use Notability. It is a tutorial for other teachers that was made quickly, but it will give you the basics.

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5th Grade Lesson 2 - Calming Down

Second Steps 5th Grade Lesson 10 Unit 2 Emotion Management

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5th Grade Counseling Lesson 1 - Intro Emotion Management

Second Steps Lesson 9 Intro Emotion Management Unit 2 Emotion Management

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May 4, 2020.mp4

Mr. Jeub announces some scale backs from the greater 7th grade curriculum, plus explains what will be the focus for our last two weeks of school.

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April 27, 2020

Mr. Pio makes a return to remind everyone to consider applying for Honors English. Then Mr. Jeub snaps us back to English class to cover another lesson of Fix It and reviewing the ending of Anne…

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April 20, 2020

Special cameo appearance of Mr. Pio inviting 7th graders to apply for Honors English. Mr. Jeub then shares how creativity is needed in these questionable times, and shows off the parade put on for…

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April 6, 2020

I go over some important "classroom" business about our e-learning environment before heading into Week 27 of Fix It Grammar plus the next reading of Anne Frank.

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View Submitted Assignments Video

How to view your assignments on Canvas after you have submitted.

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Notablity- Getting Started

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Settings for your email and noteability

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Using Notability for RTII Enrichment

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Web Content to Notability

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