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Naming and Writing Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions rev 2021

revision with correction at end

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Clip of M8.1 Valence Electrons

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5.4.21 Announcements

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Kindermath 4.1

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Clip of M2.4 Naming Ionic Compounds Part 2 (Transition Metals)

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Naming and Writing Binary Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals 2020

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Writing numbers 1-5.mp4

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Tuesday 5-26 Math lesson

Today you will work with Ms. Kanoza to add tens and ones using a grid!

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Thursday Math Lesson 5-21

Today you will practice identifying 3D shapes and adding 2 digit numbers using 10 sticks.

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Math lesson 13.1 a & b

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Kinder Counting and Comparing Dice Games

Have fun using dice to count all, count on, and compare. For added practice, write numerals once you have completed counting.

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3rd Grade Stepping Stones - 11.1 Number_ Building a picture of 10,000 - Google Chrome 2020-04-03 19-16-07

3rd Grade Stepping Stones 11.1

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Stock Nomenclature - Writing Formulas

How to write the correct formulas of a chemical compound using stock nomenclature

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Kinder and 1st Domino Addition

Use Dominoes to help your child with 1 to 1 counting, numeral writing, accurately writing and equation (number sentence), and adding. For Kindergarten the focus is on adding within 5 and first grade…

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