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Greatest trick play ever by this high school football team

Check out this football trick play where a team member fakes an injury. 😱 (via drellambertt/IG)

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Natural High Fentanyl Short Documentary "Dead On Arrival" - Youth Version (6-minutes) PSA

"Dead On Arrival" is a powerful documentary film on the dangers of fentanyl. The documentary film is short, clear, and compelling. It also has some dramatic images and mature concepts,…

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SIT training, mandatory reporting, child abuse reporting (1)

SIT, mandatory, bullying

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RMSTV 9.17.21

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RMSTV 9.1.21

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2021-2022 Student Handbook Presentation

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Morning Meeting: Thursday: February 4

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Wednesday Activity Time - Build a House

Continue to practice writing your names, drawing stick figures and playing with moon sand. You can also build houses with blocks, legos or other materials around the house. Today we're…

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This Is Goddard Friday 11-13-20

Our Weekly Show - Friday, the 13th style

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3-5 Dribble and Control Combination

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Bohemian Stomp - BASS

Bohemian Stomp - BASS 6th Grade

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Shark Tube Art

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Fish Tube Art

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The Arrest and Trial of Jesus

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Turns- Video 2

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