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Schooled by Kids: Presentation Skills, Part 2

Schooled by Kids is a Green Ivy Schools series of instructional videos by kids intended to help others learn valuable life skills, such as public speaking, conflict resolution, living sustainably,…

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Handwashing with Ms. Martin

Learn about the BEST way to prevent the spread of disease...

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knuffle bunny

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November Skill 1 - Paddle Volleying

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Yoga at the Zoo

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Wind down Friday - yoga


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Yoga Class with T Sheena Week 4 partC

T. Sheena guides 2nd grade in relaxing after our 4th week of learning animal poses in the yoga residency. We now know so many poses and can keep doing yoga all summer..

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Yoga Class with T Sheena Week 4 partB

T. Sheena teaches two ways to do the frog pose to 2nd grade in our yoga residency. She reviews dog, cat, cow, lion and crow. Wow, We have learned a lot of animal poses!

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Wednesday June 3

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Rules- Chapter 21 - Mrs. Brannon

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Tuesday Intro

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Yoga Class with T.Sheena Week1

The first virtual class session with T. Sheena to learn yoga animal poses

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Week 7 2nd Grade Fable

Week 7 Ms. Agnew sharing Dream Big by Kat Kronenberg and characteristics of fables, lessons to be learning and how we should believe in ourselves and can show encouragement and kindness to others.

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Centering- Gratitude

Get your altar and join Miss Josie for a centering focused around gratitude. You will be asked to make a gratitude jar. You'll need a jar, sharpies/markers, slips of paper and a writing…

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5/1/20 Part 2 - Bugs!

Make your own bug; Ladybug spot game; "The Very Quiet Cricket"

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