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Digestive System of Human Body | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

This video does a great job describing the digestive system to kids. Our topic for today is Digestive System in Humans. Digestion is a process in which complex food material is broken down into…

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Great Glands - Your Endocrine System: CrashCourse Biology #33

In this episode, students will learn about the endocrine system, the organ system that controls our hormones. Join Hank Green from Crash Course and Vlogbrothers to learn all about Biology. These 40…

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Digestive System Notes

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Digestive System 2

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Endocrine System Problems

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Endocrine Glands and Their Functions

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Lecture - Pancreas

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The Endocrine System

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Smoking Gone Bad

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Journey Through Digestion

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