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French Fries wPeanut-Lime Dip

FCCLA Georgia Peanut Recipe Contest

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BoardMaker Basics_ Modifying a Button

Instructions on how to change the boarder color and width of symbols Modifying a symbol color

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Turning on Select and Speak

Directions to turn on the accessibility feature of Select and Speak on a Chromebook

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Activity: All About Me Poster

For this activity, you will need your "All About Me Poster" Watch Miss Genna talk about her poster.

From  Beth Schuman on August 31st, 2020 0 likes 26 plays

2.6 Appellate Process

In the United States, the court system uses both criminal and civil trials, as well as the appellate process, to ensure justice. Juries are an important part of the trial process, guaranteed by the…

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8th Grade Tribute 2016

Honoring our 2016 8th grade class

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