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Organizing Properties: Crash Course Kids #35.1

In this video, students will learn more about organizing objects by their properties. This playlist of 16 videos from Crash Course Kids is all about physical science and the properties of matter. The…

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Magnetism | Brain Pop

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4th Grade Math Relative Weight and Mass

Learn to use everyday items and objects to estimate mass and weight using common units, such as pound, ounces, and kilograms. Five examples and a brief explanation about the difference between weight…

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Mechanical Engineering Activity | IGE Day 2021

It may be helpful to have the steps in front of you as you do the activity. They are linked here:​ Link to activity summary and additional Mechanical…

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Paper Scratch Art- Sgraffito Distance Learners

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Activity Time: Thursday, February 25 - Build & Launch a Space Shuttle

Blast off with this fun space shuttle activity. You'll need your paper towel tube, rocket paper, tape, paper clip and string. Color your shuttle, cut it out and tape it to the paper towel…

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First Grade, Earth Science, Lesson 10

Wind is moving air.

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Kindergarten, Earth Science, Lesson 10

Wind sock and engineering project

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PLTW-How to Make a Cup Phone

Directions for making a cup phone. Materials: two cups (punch hole in bottom), string, 2 paper clips.

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Wednesday Activity Time - Alphabet Fishing

We're hunting for "Q's" and forming "Q's" with either playdough or dry-erase marker. We're also fishing for letters. Bears love to catch and eat fish. Our…

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Cosi Learning lunchbox Part One

This video is sponcerned by COSI LEARNING LUNCHBOX. We will be doing the activities and watch part two. Part two is called "COSI learning lunchbox part TWO" I hope you have fun. Link:…

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Fourth Grade, Lesson 7

How does the strength of the magnetic field change with distance?

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Fourth Grade, Lesson 6


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Go Math Lesson 3.4

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Kindergarten, Lesson 4

Sinking wood

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Dibie Lesson 4

Balanced and Unbalanced forces

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