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9.3 Adjusted Balance Method

9.3 Adjusted Balance Method

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9.2 Installment Interest

9.2 Installment Interest

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Math 8 Unit 5 Quiz #2 Review Video Solutions

Math 8 Unit 5 Quiz #2 Review Video Solutions

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Adv Alg Sect. 4.5

Credit Card statements

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6th Grade Math Personal Financial History - Credit Reports and Credit History

Learn the importance of positive credit history and how to build positive credit history rather than negative credit history. Also learn what is on a credit report, what is considered a good credit…

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6th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy - Debit and Credit Cards

Learn the various features and fees associated with checking accounts, including monthly fees, activation fees, and overdraft charges. Also learn how debit cards and checks work in coordination with…

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Learn how to activate Stripe within MemberHub

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Adv Alg Sect. 4.2

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Pre-Algebra Class 10/12/20

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Tracking Payments

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Financial Fitness Quiz 5.06 Rule of 72 Instructional Quiz Review

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Consumer Math - Credit or Save up 4.10.2020

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Consumer Math - Loan Calculations 4.8.2020.mp4

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Lengthy - Logistics for parents/guardians

Addressing the following topics: attendance, grading, assignment work loads, tuition payments

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alg 2 2.21.20 .MP4

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Trouble With Credit Cards

The SMC learn to be cautious with credit cards.

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