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YouiDraw Flower Tutorial

This tutorial was created for my computer students to learn some of the basics of YouiDraw and vector graphics. Additionally, I have included closed captioning as part of another project. Enjoy!

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Scroll Saw Safety Video

This video will walk you through how to safely use the scroll saw in my classroom. Make sure to pay attention during the video, the answers to the quiz are talked about throughout.

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Listen and Draw

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Auburn Kindergarten Registration Spanish

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Read Aloud: Desmond and the Very Mean Word

Read Aloud: Desmond and the Very Mean Word

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Mouse Paint

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Mouse Paint

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Wemberly Worried - Mrs. Staples

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Wemberly Worried

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Wemberly Worried

Wemberly Worried

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phonics 66

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Chpts. 13-14 The Silver Chair (

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Friday Stories

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Mouse Paint

Miss Jessica reads Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh

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Social studies-Civics Pedal Power

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