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Harper Buxner Personal Profile

This is a video introducing me.

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Nate Obertino Personal Profile

This is a video I had to make for my multi media sports 1 class. We took shots of ourselves in wide, medium, and close up shots. We then edited the shots, added a background, and added music.

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Jax Bespalko Personal Profile Video

This is a personal profile video done in order to learn how to properly make senior profiles using 3 different types of shots: wide, medium, and close.

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Kayla Wallace Personal Profile

Personal Profile

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Yael Sabin Personal Profile

We were asked to learn how to record clips on the green screen and create a video in Final Cut Pro and add animation and music. This was a tool to prepare us to create senior profile videos for the…

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Claire Kienstra Personal Profile

This is my Personal Profile video.

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Personal Video

Personal Video

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Beau Personal Profile

Beau Dolan Personal Profile

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Noah's Personal Profile

My personal profile with a football and details about me

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Jack Personal Profile

Personal profile

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Chase's Personal Profile

personal profile video

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Rohan Tatikonda: Personal Profile

This is my personal profile!

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Sam Siegel - Personal Profile

Final Cut Pro Personal Profile

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Anastasia Personal Profile

Freshman Anastasia Chostner personal profile

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Jackson Proper Profile

Jackson Proper personal profile

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Will Loynd Profile

Will Loynd personal profile

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